SAMURAI is a fully integrated logistics management system developed by RDG.  Samurai provides our clients with secure access to a sophisticated web based order management system that is tailored to their individual requirements and then seamlessly integrated with the sophisticated back-office order processing system.

The back office system then automates each aspect on the entire order management process, from the point the order is placed, the coordination of installation teams, management of the supply chain, distribution of product to each location, invoicing and payment management and detailed reporting.

Samurai enables us to provide our clients with 24/7 access to their data and assets

Front-end features:

  • Placement of sales orders
  • Multi-level order authorisation
  • Order and installation progress tracking
  • Access to detailed product information
  • Installation site management
  • Detailed regional budget and asset register reporting

 Back-end features:

  • Order placement
  • Installation resource management
  • Multi-location stock control and inventory management
  • Multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Purchase order processing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Picking and Packing
  • Invoicing and payment receipt management
  • Returns processing
  • Statistics and Reporting


When used within an ecommerce environment, SAMURAI is marketed under the brand micommerce.  Full details of which can be found here.