RDG Sweden is situated in Karlstad, Sweden, a central location for logistics, and is close to the main terminals of both domestic and global logistic brands.

We operate with central warehouses in Karlstad as well as using the most cost and time efficient local  storage facilities that cover most areas in  Sweden.

Turnkey Operations

Our services include turn key operations, such as

  • Assisting with, or the total management of the design development and prototyping process,  including the manufacturing of products and packaging
  • Co-ordination of client orders from manufacturers in Sweden or abroad
  • Transportation of in-bound goods from domestic or foreign suppliers
  • Receipt control, documentation and reporting
  • Distribution of products throughout Scandinavia
  • Establishment and maintenance of delivery, installation and service plans
  • On-site installation, service and maintenance with qualified installation / service teams
  • Service and refurbishment of products
  • Scrapping / recycling  products in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations

Maintaining Client Information

We maintain a complete database for our clients product information, including

  • Stock balance
  • Orders
  • Shipments and distribution manifests
  • Installations, service and maintenance
  • Site history
  • And more